About Marysville Trout and Salmon Ponds

Nestled on the slopes of Mount Gordon, Marysville Trout and Salmon Ponds was first developed in the early 1980's. It lay dormant for many years until it reopened to the public in December 2003. The ponds are fed by spring water flowing from the surrounding mountain forests. The water is pure and crystal clear, no farm or fertilizer run-off, and no human or chemical contamination. The water flows by gravity through aqueducts that wonder up the valley floor.

The ponds have been nurtured to form a natural ecosystem and habitat for the fish with reedy banks, overhanging trees and gently flowing waterfalls. The ponds have become a habitat for many aquatic animals including, nymphs, mud eyes, frogs and worms. During spring and summer the fish feast on the many flying insects that land on the water.

The ponds were surrounded by tall peppermint, stringy bark and messmate eucalypts, sliver and Blackwood wattles, native grasses and a many varieties of ferns including the majestic tree fern and are slowly recovering to their former glory since the February 2009 bushfires.

The fishing ponds have been lightly stocked with rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon and range in size from 500g up to 6kg (the big ones are hard to catch - very sneaky fish). It can take some time to catch a fish although we also have ponds where you can catch a trout in very quick time.

Picnic tables and gas barbecues are scattered around the ponds so you can have an enjoyable picnic and cook your fresh rainbow trout or salmon.

It is a great place to learn how to fish or hone up on your fishing skills, have picnic lunch or twilight dinner.

We are Open 7 Days a Week from 10am until Sunset including all Public Holidays & School Holidays, and Christmas Day & Good Friday.